Our unique Bizzy Toy not only looks beautiful but is extremely versatile.

Use on the ground, hanging from a strong rope or mounted on the wall using our wall bracket.
We have even added some teething bumps, ideal for wood chewers and young horses that are teething.

Ground Use

The easiest way to use your Bizzy Toy. Simply set up and fill with one of our tasty licks and place in the field or stable. Even when the lick has gone your horse will have a great time ‘throwing’ the toy and playing with his friends.


Hang against a wall or freely using a strong rope for maximum challenge. Again, can be used in the stable or paddock to help keep your horse entertained. The innovative aromatherapy sponges will help encourage play long after the lick has gone.

Wall Mounted

Our metal wall bracket (sold separately) allows you to mount the Bizzy Toy on a wall or fence, securely holding the toy whilst allowing it to spin freely.


Don’t take our word for it, watch our short
video to see our products in action.