Our Bizzy toys have been uniquely designed & tested to keep your horse entertained

The Bizzy range was developed following extensive market research. Customers wanted a longer lasting lick and a toy that was versatile enough to be used in a number of different situations.


Our unique Bizzy Toy not only looks beautiful but is extremely versatile. Use on the ground, hanging from a strong rope or mounted on the wall using our wall bracket. We have even added some teething bumps, ideal for wood chewers and young horses that are teething.

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Essential Oils have been used to for centuries as complementary therapy. Our Bizzy Toy comes complete with aromatherapy sponges infused with Peppermint oil to help encourage the horse to play long after the lick has gone.

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Each Bizzy Lick weighs 1kg and lasts up to two weeks (average 5 days). The consistency is rock-hard so is almost impossible to bite making the cost per lick much lower than our competitors.

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Don’t take our word for it, watch our short
video to see our products in action.