Essential Oils have been used to for centuries as complementary therapy.

Our Bizzy Toy comes complete with aromatherapy sponges infused with
Peppermint oil to help encourage the horse to play long after the lick has gone.


The first toy of its kind with an aromatherapy element. Smell is an extremely powerful sense that is often overlooked despite aromatherapy being commonplace in the human market. Horses have an excellent sense of smell and our Peppermint Aromatherapy oil will help keep the horse engaged with the toy.

Refresh Kit

Our handy refresh kit contains a vial of Aromatherapy Oil available in a variety of different scents in addition to our amazing sponges that expand when submerged in water.


We would recommend that you rinse the aromatherapy sponges once a week and replenish scent once a month or as they lose their smell.